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30 Small Business Ideas in India to Earn Side Income 2019

Who should read this article?

In this article, SuccessBhai attempts to take a comprehensive shot at small business ideas and opportunities in India. We have listed income ideas for Students who wants to earn while they learn. We even have covered work from home opportunities for Women who are housewives but wants to earn money. Also, for full-time working Professionals we have curated a list of side business ideas for extra income. Last but not the least, some ideas are especially for those who are struggling in life, searching for job opportunities. Whether you’re employed or Unemployed, you’ll definitely find something to enhance your financial status.

Reading any list of business ideas won’t change your life, choosing one idea, proper planning and execution might improve your financial conditions


Top 10 Small Business Ideas

  1. Sell any product and earn commission (Online/Offline)
  2. Train People or Entertain People (Online Videos)
  3. Food Truck Business (Trending)
  4. Design Company (Graphics, Logo, Web/App Designing)
  5. Import – Export of Goods (Risky)
  6. Accounting & Legal Services Firm (Trending)
  7. Grocery Supplier (Easy)
  8. Wholesale Business (Easy)
  9. Lead Generation (Rewarding)
  10. Digital Marketing Firm (Super Hot)

1. Sell a product (affiliate marketing to earn extra income)

This is the quickest and easiest way to get started as it requires minimum investment. If you try it offline, it would require you little investment to buy a product and re-sell it. This is what shopkeepers, vegetable vendors, grocery supermarkets and branded product’s showrooms are doing. They source the product from manufacturing hubs and resale it at a premium price to buyers.

Why won’t you start this business?

The excuse-maker in you would say, “Really?? Can we start selling something in the age of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Walmart and Bigbasket? The answer is yes! You can sell. E-commerce penetration in India is still in its developing phase, but in USA it has matured. Still, a major chunk of people head to offline stores in united states to buy products. So, no matter where this e-commerce goes, people will continue flooding offline stores to buy grocery, garments and daily products.

What to sell?

There are plenty of products and services that you can start selling to earn extra income. A few days back, I was discussing with my friend what can we sell to make some quick money. The first thing that we settled on was selling “Graphic Printed T-shirts”. In-fact, this is one of the best side business ideas to do in India. You’ll find it hard to believe but people have earned millions of dollars doing this. We’ll discuss more on that in some other dedicated article.

For now, we list 8 trending products to sell online and offline. If you don’t have enough money to invest then start with a product/service that needs no investment or only a little investment, earn some money, invest it back in more rewarding products. Continue the cycle.

8 Trending Products to Sell and Start Making Money

  • Wireless phone chargers
  • Protein supplements
  • Drone camera
  • Wireless headphone
  • Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Grooming tools for men
  • Used Vehicles

2. Train or Entertain People (Video Editing)

This is a superb small business idea for people who are low on investment but high on creativity. There are youtubers who are earning crores of Rupees every month and there are few others who earn 100+ crores per year only because of youtube. Of-course, there are others who hustled but didn’t get a penny from youtube.

You can make tutorial videos to earn passive income in India through youtube. Videos can be on any topic. It maybe a do it yourself (DIY) video or a programming tutorial or maybe yoga lessons. Anything. There is a hell lot of options available to start making videos. Below you’ll find my favorite 8 topics on which I would love to create videos.

Why won’t you start this business idea

The excuse-maker in me would try his best to stop me from making videos. He says, “there are already a lot of youtubers. You’ll not succeed now. It’s too late to start a youtube channel”. It’s not true, youtube algorithm supports new comers. If the content is good and people are searching for it then you’ll succeed. If you don’t know editing, you can learn. It’s simple. If you don’t have camera, laptop, microphone etc. It’s okay. you can start with simple videos through your phone. It could be game recording videos or some funny videos. If you find yourself enjoying while making videos, you may pursue it further. Buy the required gadgets and go all-in.

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